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Welcome to UO:Arid!

First off thank you for even looking at the website, My name is Michael, I am the owner of this project Called Arid, It pretty much means wasteland, I first started programming UO servers back in 2008-09, This has been one of my favorite projects, my friends kept asking me to bring it back, it is a Full PVP server, 700 Skill Cap with 720 after 30 days, 225 Skill Cap. There is a lot of customs systems on this server as in Mondains Lost Treasures, which are acquired by killing High famed creatures in Felucca while having a Lord/Lady Title, creating a Risk vs Reward for being in a dungeon. As well as many other customs! Instanced Thief System, where you steal directly from the monsters that are high famed! a NEW dungeon chest system where the loot is ACTUAL loot! new AI, new BOD system. All on a Dedicated System in Chicago Database by VULTR! at the top of the page is the discord link! make sure to join discord!


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